Monday, August 22, 2011

Moving Man 1 Reflection

What number and unit are written directly under the moving man? Number: 0 Unit: meters

What is the difference between an object’s DISTANCE and its DISPLACEMENT?
A distance is how far the object has gone,but displacement includes either (+,-) showing the direction.

A) The unit of distance in the moving man is meter.
B) The unit of time used in the moving man is seconds.
E) At which of the two velocities did he move faster? 4 m/s.

1. In both of the above trials you gave the man 2 seconds to run. At what velocity did he cover more distance?  At the velocity of 4, man ran faster.

2. Speed is calculated by comparing (dividing) the distance with the time.  Divide the distance by the time for each trial above. Write the speeds below
TRIAL #1    2 meters divided by 2 sec = 1 m/sec
TRIAL#2    8  meters divided by  2 sec = 4 m/sec

Sketch 1:

Sketch 2:

Sketch 3:

Sketch 4:

Sketch 5:

Sketch 6:

1) EXPLAIN the difference in motion represented by a straight line and a curving line on a  “distance vs. time” in terms of constant or changing speed.
A curving line shows a change of speed and acceleration, while a straight line shows a constant speed, whether it is diagonal or flat.

2) Changing speed is called “acceleration” (speeding up) or deceleration (slowing down). Describe the shape of an acceleration line on a Distance vs. Time graph of acceleration.
An acceleration line on a Distance vs. Time graph is a curved upward.

3) EXPLAIN the difference between the motion represented by a flat line and a sloping straight line in a “distance vs. time” graph.
A flat line shows no distance is traveled, and a sloping straight line shows an increase in speed.
4) If the slope of a line on a  “distance vs. time” graph is steep. What is different about the motion then when it is not steep?
When it is steep it means the object is going faster than if it was not as steep.

5) Look at the graph below and answer the following questions.
A) CALCULATE the average speed/velocity between point B & Point C by finding the slope of the line between the 6th and 15th seconds
                        0-10 = A slope of -10
                        15-6                         9

B) Why is the line sloping upward to the right between the 2nd & 3rd second, but downward to the right between 6th and the 15th seconds?
The line is sloping upward during the 2nd and 3rd second because the man is gaining speed and then it begins to slope downward between the 6th and 15th second because he was slowing down.

C) During what two times did he stop moving?
Time 1 - From the 3rd to 6th second. Time 2- From the 16th to 20th second.

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